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Don Shappelle&the Pickups performances this weekend.
Friday June 23-Front st. Station-Northumberland,Pa. Don Sennett and Don Shappelle(the Pickups duo) perform outside on the patio from 7 to 10pm.
Saturday June 24-Wyoming Valley Riverfest 2017-Nesbitt Park,Kingston,Pa. noon to 5pm. The Pickups Band(Barry,Don,Snake,Don) perform in the afternoon.
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47 years ago today,June 10,1970 I ventured to the old Spectrum in Philadelphia with 17 year old Ira Hartman at the wheel.I couldn't drive,I was only 14 years old! Our reason for this long ago road trip was to see Crosby,stills,nash and young on their 4 Way street tour. A month before that concert,at Kent State University in Ohio, 4 students were shot and killed by National Guardsmen while protesting the Viet Nam war.Neil Young and David Crosby were hanging out at a cabin in the mountains when they heard of this unbelievable tragedy.Crosby said later that Young,while eating a bowl of cereal grabbed a piece of paper and scribbled some words that became his song"Ohio".
They called Nash and Stills and quickly met in the studio,recorded the song,along with Steve Stills"Find the cost of freedom"in 1 or 2 takes,released them as a 2 sided single and first played both songs on the 4 way street tour during the next several weeks.So,I was lucky to have heard these songs right out of the gate,weeks after they were written.Quite heavy stuff for a 14 year old.I remember Neil saying onstage"this song's a bummer and I'm sorry for that".He was 24 at the time.This concert truly changed my life,musically and spiritually.So here we all are 47 years later,neil and the boys are all still making great and vital music and I'm still writing and playing music on my Gretsch and Martin guitars.I've sung in just about every venue known to a travelling musician but this evening I will play for the very first time in a grocery store,at Wegmans Market cafe with my ole buddy Don Sennett,with whom I first played music back in 1969 and were playing together at the time of this csny concert in 1970.What goes around comes back around again it seems,or it never really went anywhere at all! As David Crosby sang, Music is Love. Sincerely,Don Shappelle.
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Just a reminder-some upcoming gigs-solo,duo and Pickups Band.
SATURDAY June 10-Wegman's Cafe-Don S.&Don S.(the Pickups Duo) make their fist appearance at the cafe inside The Wegman's super grocery store. 6 to 8pm. Wilkes Barre township
SATURDAY June 17-Annual Cecil County,Md. Wade-In,Charlestown,Md.Don Shappelle performs his Chesapeake Bay inspired songs along the banks of the beautiful Northeast River. 10am to 1pm.
FRIDAY June 23-Front St.Station-Northumberland,Pa.Don&Don return to this hugely popular eatery to perform outside on the patio where the two branches of the Susquehanna River meet.
7 to 10pm.
SATURDAY June 24-Wyoming Valley Riverfest 2017.The Pickups Band(Barry,Don,Snake,Don) perform once again at this annual festival celebrating the Susquehanna River in Nesbitt Park,Kingston,Pa. afternoon.
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The Pickups Duo,consisting of Don Shappelle on acoustic guitar and vocals and Don Sennett on bass and vocals,will make their first appearance at Wegman's Cafe this Saturday June 10 from 6 to 8pm. Wegman's is located in Wilkes Barre Township.We hope to see you there! ... See MoreSee Less

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Sold out! More photos to come! ... See MoreSee Less

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